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Cuff your pants

Cuff_3.jpgWho remembers the ‘turnup’ or the roll up pants? Well, James Dean was the man who took ownership of this look ngeskhathi samzukwana, and he rocked it! It’s all about adding a suave edge to your trousers and creating some character to your 


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Men and their drinks.

alcoholic_drink.pngBefore holding that drink in your hand, know what it says about your personality and social status. So before sipping that fruity flavored cider or Mojito know the impression you make.


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Pornstars must wear condoms

condoms.jpgAn American judge has upheld as constitutional a Los Angeles County law requiring adult film performers to wear condoms.Friday's ruling is a setback to porn producers who filed a lawsuit to block the implementation of the Safer Sex


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How to woe a lady

  couple-talking.jpegHave you ever tried to talk to a shambula and all you got is a weird frown? If so maybe you need some great woeing tips ukuze ufumane  isimomondiya sakho esinguslander or upakistani wakho.


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Facebook Hacked Big Time

khalil-shreateh-the-hacker.jpgA hacker from Palestine found a Facebook glitch that allowed anyone to post on a stranger’s wall, but when the company ignored his warnings he took them all the way to the top by posting about the issue on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall.


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Drive your partner over the edge

Women_more_like9181.jpgVery few things prick up the mind of a human being than the topic of sex, it brings a smile to our faces and makes some of us blush.A couple of years ago you would not have know or heard about sexting but it is here Dating_button.png

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Men and break-ups


Breaking up unlike falling in love is awful. Whether bakushaye ngestina or bakudumpile its all the same. Amachery always seem to take it harder than amaouti because it is unlikely to see umjita crying over a failed 


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Men’s silent killer


heart.jpgImagine while ubusy zikhipha ebhedini and all of a sudden your heart stops beating. Without a warning, without a sign, without a wave of respect heart attacks are a silent killer.  


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Massive Madiba monument ?

Mandelaonmountain.jpgThe proposal of a 60m-high monument to Nelson Mandela teetering on the cliffs of Table Mountain may sound like an April Fools type joke, however, it seems like a Dutch design firm is quite serious about their idea.The Cape Argus reports that


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Mock-up cover released


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