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Weber F1 is fastest car now

webber.jpgThe Bugatti has finally found its match in the new Weber F1 in terms of speed.The new car makers claim that the car clocks a cool 400km per hour, too much adrenalin right there if you asked me. This car doesn’t run but flies.Not only is it faster than your Bugatti, it is also lighter and not in Sport_button.png

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Jub Jub makes them cry


Jailed musician Jub Jub has been performing for the inmates and making grown men cry in the gaol.Jubby has not lost his voice even though he lost his freedom. These days he sings for the inmates he is kept with in Sun City.Amadoda amdala ebekhal ngekhathi uJubby was performing at their graduation ceremony. Authorities had their hands full consoling lamajita.


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2014 World Cup Qualifiers (22-24 March)


Another round of 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifier matches took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the 3 continents, Europe, South America and Africa, from 108 teams, 47 matches were played. In Europe alone, 24 played matches resulted in 71 goals, 8 drawn matches and 16 teams winning their matches. Out of 5 matches in South America, 11 goals were scored, 1 match drawn and 3 teams won their matches. In Africa, 18 matches were played, 44 goals scored, 5 drawn matches and


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SA soldiers dead in CAR

soldiers_photo.jpgMzansi soldiers were over the weekend shot and killed in Central African Republic.

It is believed that the soldiers were killed by the rebels in that country. The country is currently experiencing political unrest.

SA soldiers were sent there to keep the peace. There is a civil war going on in CAR. The shooting happened outside the capital city of Bangui.newsbutton.png

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Obama drives isikorokoro

obama_stranded.JPGWhat does it mean when the world’s most powerful man has his car broken down on the side of the road in a foreign country?


This is exactly what happened to US president, Barack Hussein Obama. The president had his limo broke down while he was cruising in Israel LOL.


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Eskom secretive

Eskom.jpgPower utility Eskom has been keeping secrets from Mzansians for years and has now been finally caught out.

Earlier Eskom asked for an increment of 8% the next couple of years saying this was necessary to keep it providing ugesi to all Mzansi citizens as well as businesses.


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Too many baby mamas at EC schools

pregnant_girl.jpgA staggering amount of girls in the Eastern Cape fall pregnant while still at school, haibo.

This province is one of the few in the country that have a serious problem in education. It even had the least number of learners that passed their metric behind Limpopo. Isebe lezemfundo kwelaphondo lidize ukuba malunga namawaka angamashumi amane


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6x6 Mercedes Benz


German car manufacturers Mercedes Benz has done it again, setting a trend that other makers would surely want to follow in future.

Mercedes is a car that amajita amaningi ekasi dream about. It delivers the message to the people without you even uttering a word. Sengifikile bo lova!


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Stormers to play Brumbies


Stormers will this Saturday take on the Brumbies at Newlands Rugby Stadium ekapa.

The visiting Brumbies are coached by former Bok World cup winning coach, Jake White. White won the World Cup in 2007 with amabokoboko which was played eFrance. He was replaced by Pieter De Villiers who failed to defend the trophy and the rugby board then appointed


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Kells show put on hold

Rkelly.jpgAmerican and world renowned RnB singer R Kelly has seen his show in Mzansi cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Kells, as his millions of fans call him, was set to kick off his tour ngomso (21 March 2013) but loku akuzukwenzeka anymore. So masupporters ache will just have to wait a little longer.


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Samsung unveils Galaxy S 4

samsung.jpegCellphone giants Samsung is really turning up the heat on competition these days that they might very well be the best in the game.

Just last week Samsung announced a sweet deal they have for their users, this deal surely had their competitors grasping for air. Now they go and add this on top,  nie maan Samsung dis nie kwaai nie man.


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Mock-up cover released


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