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Professor formally charged

Proffesor_musician_kwaito.jpgKwaito star Professor has been formally charged by the NPA.The Kalawa Jazzmee artist is being charged for wearing police uniform at the prestigious Metro FM awards held eThekwini.


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Love is worth the wait


How long would you wait for your lover to come back to you?

If you think you have waited too long you are wrong, some have waited longer than you. Take Makhumalo- Zuma, the first wife of our president, Jacob. The woman waited until freedom day for her boo to come back and be with her. Msholozi made her wait while he went and joined the 


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Eat your meat

meat.jpgDespite everything that has been reported in the media lately, red meat is still good and safe to eat.This was told to parliament yesterday that Mzansians ought not to worry about the other forms of meat found as those are also duidelik to eet.

The reports started in Britain and just when Mzansiansnewsbutton2.png

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Apartheid at fault or not?

President_Jacob_Zuma_Official.jpgThings are heating up at government with a minister saying we can’t blame apartheid while the president says we can.Trevor Manuel says government should stop the blame game and start catering


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Proteas’ Successful Year in Review

Proteas_Team.jpgThe Proteas have had a victorious cricket year. For a moment, the Proteas were No 1 in all formats of the game of cricket. The Proteas played away against England and Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan at home. They also competed in the ICC World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka.


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Snipes is home

American actor, Wesley Snipes is finally out of jail.wesley_snipes.jpgUthole ushwele and is happiest to be able to go to idladla lakhe emva kweminyaka emingaka ehleli eluvalelweni. Uzakutsho alale kwingubo zakhe


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Amajitas are boob crazy

boobs.jpgTo women Breasts are just a part of their body; they are not a big deal so to speak.But kumajita, amabele are more than just milk glands, men loose their mind at a sight of a beautiful breast.


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The island of Jay Z

jay_Z.jpgJay z is reportedly preparing to buy an island for his family, wife and daughter, Beyonce and Blue Ivy to chilax.Hova as Jay is know has the money and can therefore buy the things he wants to buy. Haters can do likewise, hate.


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FORD_PHOTO.jpgThe game has changed a little in the motor industry kulonyaka.There’s a new king of the streets. They say nobody rules forever and that good things come to an end.


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Fiks gevreet over SAFA

Fiks-gevreet-ove-SAFA.jpgSports minister, Fikile ‘Fiks’ Mbalula has had it up to here with the South African Football Association and has decided to take action with it.He has told them in no uncertain terms that he would use whatever is in


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Mock-up cover released


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