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Obama drives isikorokoro



What does it mean when the world’s most powerful man has his car broken down on the side of the road in a foreign country?

This is exactly what happened to US president, Barack Hussein Obama. The president had his limo broke down while he was cruising in Israel LOL. Obama drives a Cadillac, America’s most popular car. His limo is nicknamed “The Beast”. This should not be confused with our own Bok forward, Beast Mtandawari although there are similarities. Both can carry huge men on their backs.

The US president is the most valuable person in the world and his security is second to none. This kind of act then can put the life of a man in danger. The president of the free world cannot be left stranded on the side of the road, in a foreign country nogal.

Apparently this was not just a minor ditch; a tow truck had to be called to tow the car. Already this has got to be the moemish of the year. We can’t imagine Msholozi’s car breaking down eKhayelitsha. If such was to happen then umshini would have to grind.

The president had to suffer the embarrassment of having his car towed in the holy city of Jerusalem. This is his first visit as umengameli kulamhlaba ungcwele uObama.

What happened was, they put unleaded petrol on the car, and this is a classic mistake by those who look after the safety of the president. How can they not know what fuel to use kwimoto kamjita. The mampara’s are denying this claim but why did the car have to be towed away, even Bob Mugabe’s car has never been towed, eish.

To prove the mamparas are sleg, the car doesn’t even run on petrol but diesel,yho yho yho. Obama has some very important mamparas in his inner circle.

Maybe amajita were feeling the pressure, Israel is not really the safest place to be in the world. When you are in a place like that mistakes are bound to be plenty.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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