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Matters Of The Teeth

healthy_teeth.jpgThere are no two ways about it, fresh breath is king and if you have been neglecting your pearly whites then you need to get back to brushing, pronto! 

It’s all about sticking to the basics and understanding that mouth maintenance is as important as keeping your style in check.

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Back to Eden

avacado_mask.jpgFacial products are not always indlela enstwempe to culminate skin problems because of all the chemicals in them.  It’s always best to go back to Eden and use natural products on your facial skin. And let’s face it iwaar is that most men are too busy to go to beauty shop.

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Wrinkle Matters

wrinkles_3.jpgAgeing is inevitable and wrinkles usually give away your age in one go. This however does not need to be the case guys, wrinkles can be slowed down and make you look younger than your given years.

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Top grooming tips to make you more appealing

mens_grooming.jpegAs much as men hate to admit it, these days guys are spending more time espilini checking ama-appearances abo, ukuthi  yonke into igrand.

Now that you’ve admitted to this and still haven’t done anything about your appearance, step out of your scruff and into the limelight:

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