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Gifts for your lady


Okay, so how many times have you ‘effed up’  this year where your lady is concerned?

Too many to count? I thought as muchJ

Well it is that time of the year and the perfect chance to correct all your wrongs by showing your woman that she is uma-bank book.

Next question; “what do I get her?” or “what do I get them?” in the case of the player(ngqayel’ivrou, , iumakhwapheni, umam’engcosi) who probably has had beef with all of them this past year.

You know what, in all of this madness there is light at the end of the tunnel (en jou tonnel is donker!). Jump for joy at all of the great choices you are able to give your ladiesssssss this year.

Platform or Wedge-heeled Shoes
– You cannot go wrong with shoes and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair, just log onto: http://bit.ly/11ovPCt and choose the one you’d like her to wear. 


Accessories – Take your pick of a range of bags, chains, earrings, bangles etc. Very affordable and you can rest assured she shall jump into your arms, making you thee happiest man on earth. Once again, go online, order what you want and that’s it! http://bit.ly/V9ZYQv




Fragrances – Don’t deny that she has been hinting all year about that perfume she wants and you probably just ignored her. So redeem yourself now and indulge her and in turn who knows, perhaps she’ll return the favour. Log onto: http://bit.ly/TwnhYh


A day at the Spa – So after all the grief and stress you’ve caused her this year, the one thing she would really appreciate is some pampering. This is the ultimate gift to give and choose from a range of beautiful spa’s which will almost guarantee that when she gets home, she will rip your clothes off! Log onto: http://bit.ly/YdFCxo






By Martine Hendricks

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