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Getting your gym gear right




Yes, what you wear to the gym is important! It enhances your performance and the ladies will be able to spot a guy who looks comfortable doing his thing.

Tank tops are meant to be worn by bodybuilders and bodybuilders only. A sleeveless shell shirt is the way to go as it displays toned shoulders and ripped biceps or t-shirts with ventilated panels. Work out in basic gym shorts boasting good ventilation, to remain cool.




Assess what your main training focus will be in order to purchase the ideal sneakers. If running is your poison then you need shoes with excellent shock absorption to ease the pressure on the ankles. You may be involved in a variety of fitness regimes; if that’s the case then cross-trainers are the way to go.

Avoid wearing layered or heavy fabrics as the heat retained could be rather dangerous. The clothing you are working out in should never be skin tight and always remember that breathable fabrics are best.



By Martine Hendricks

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