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Wrinkle Matters


Ageing is inevitable and wrinkles usually give away your age in one go. This however does not need to be the case guys, wrinkles can be slowed down and make you look younger than your given years.


Wrinkles are usually associated with the sun and smoking, which have a big impact on the appearance of lines but are not the only causes. Many of us don’t realise that squinting our eyes or straining them to read something, overworks the facial muscles which leads to a wrinkle.


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Inflammation of the skin is the biggest cause of skin damage and is not easily reversible, therefore it is important that the skin is taken care of in the teenage years already. Get to a dermatologist or a skincare consultant so that they can determine your skin type, thus understanding which products to use. Read the labels on the back of bottles as this lists the ingredients used; look out for the ingredient Propylene glycol as this could irritate the skin leading to inflammation.

 As we all are aware, a healthy diet and good fitness regime are the key elements to mind, body, soul and skin. Processed foods like, white flour and white sugar causes a reaction within the molecules of the skin which decreases elasticity.

 Yhi bheke igesig yakho boy; it is after all the first thing people see when they meet you and who doesn’t want to look as young as they feel.



By Martine Hendricks

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