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Matters Of The Teeth


There are no two ways about it, fresh breath is king and if you have been neglecting your pearly whites then you need to get back to brushing, pronto!


It’s all about sticking to the basics and understanding that mouth maintenance is as important as keeping your style in check. Your oral hygiene could be the difference between you scoring or being left out in the cold, ja meneer, she will run away.


Get into the habit of booking your 2 dentist appointments for the year, in advance. Excuses are now not even an option as you have pre-planned to sort out any minor issues with your teeth and in turn prevent major problems from occurring. It is the key to avoid any lectures from your dentist and then all he can say is ‘brush at least twice a day”.


Be in the know of the Do’s and Do not’s for the good health of teeth and gums:

·         Do not indulge in sugary eats and treats – too much of a good thing is always bad

·         Do not Smoke

·         Do floss, it reduces plaque

·         Do replace your toothbrush every 3 months

·         Do not leave your toothbrush in an open space, germs will attack it!

·         Do use a tongue scraper, reduces the risk of bad breath

·         Do not brush immediately after eating, damages enamel


Never underestimate the power of good breath and a dazzling smile.



By Martine Hendricks


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