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Grooming to Sexcite your Lady

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_essential_grooming_to_sexcite.jpgAs much as she promises you that she accepts you just the way you are, best believe there are things which she wishes you could improve on where grooming is concerned.






The hair down there

Okay I get that this subject might be rather taboo to you but she will be turned on by the cleaner, smoother you. Shaving will not only make umabhebeza go wild but also minimizes sweaty odour issues down there. If you are still in limbo about the issue then try trimming instead and sort out the sweaty dilemma with talc-based powder.




deo.jpgLet your smell linger

Natural odour is out, deodorant is in. If you didn’t know this, now you know and when you find iqula that compliments your body and personality, omedi will flock from far and wide and be enticed by your smell.


Nose hair no more

For goodness sake, trim your nose hairs! There is no women on this green earth who could ever be comfortable speaking to a guy with his nose hairs peeking out (unless hers is longer). Nose hair trimmers are not expensive at all and all it takes is three minutes max to remove.


Cut and clean your nails

There is nothing worse or more embarrassing than pleasuring your lady then umshaye nge injury on her sensitive areas by your nails. Filthy nails are a huge no no and that is final. Or else uzokshaya nge red card.


These grooming methods might be virgin territory to you and most guys would probably feel slightly emasculated by the thought, but if you want to sexcite the hell out of your lady, best you be open-minded.





By Martine Hendricks

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