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Bvlgari Octo

 bvlgari octoBvlgari watches are simple and stylish, said to be the shape of perfection. Mna ndithi; this is a taste of the good life, a symbol of class and an investment.

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Gifts for your lady

Diesel_fragrance.jpgOkay, so how many times have you ‘effed up’  this year where your lady is concerned?

Too many to count? I thought as muchJ

Well it is that time of the year and the perfect chance to correct all your wrongs by showing your woman that she is uma-bank book.

Next question; “what do I get her?” or “what do I get them?” in the case of the player(ngqayel’ivrou, , iumakhwapheni, umam’engcosi) who probably has had beef with all of them this past year.

You know what, in all of this madness there is light at the end of the tunnel (en jou tonnel is donker!). Jump for joy at all of the great choices you are able to give your ladiesssssss this year.

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Masculine Must Haves

PS_Vita_3G.jpgBack in the day, men held onto sentimental gadgets like silver or gold compasses or  ‘zobos’ which were the accessories of ancient times and gave one some insight into those gentlemen’s’ backgrounds.

Here are a couple of MUST HAVE items to set you apart and keep you styling.

The art of male grooming

grooming3.jpgGone are the days when it wasn’t essential for men to groom themselves. Like women, today a man’s physical appearance matters, and his body is one of his greatest assets. With summer here, here’s MzansiMen’s guide for looking good.

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