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Cuff your pants

cuffsWho remembers the ‘turnup’ or the roll up pants? Well, James Dean was the man who took ownership of this look ngeskhathi samzukwana, and he rocked it! It’s all about adding a suave edge to your trousers and creating some character to your personal

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The Jeans Revolution


Entlek’ every single thing in life changes, the way we communicate, the economy, indlela esigqoka ngayo, even abantu besifazane but the one thing that remains constant yi Jean.Jeans have been worn by sailors and then by abasebenzi basezi 

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David Tlale takes on New York

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_David_Tlale.jpgWhen it comes to Mzansi fashion no name is bigger than that of David Tlale,he  has been Mzansi’s top fashion designer ever since he blossomed into the scene.Tlale runs the game, he has dressed almost all of Mzansi’s 

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Isikhathi sewashi


Nothing drives the world as much as time does, not even money.Without time we wouldn’t be able to tell what season it is, what year, day or month for that matter. Time seals business deals, it opens new opportunities and we celebrate 

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Simple summer gear

simple cotton t-shirt

It is apparent that Summer is here and not only are we shedding weight but layers as well. Men have the impression that the switch from Winter to Summer is somehow easier for women, just because they matched a skirt to a blouse.

Well guys this is true for you as well, so dump the confusion and finger pointing and get yourself immersed into the silly season by becoming confident in the essentials you choose for the season.

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Look dapper in Shorts this Summer

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_cotton_drawstring_shorts_2.jpgKe Dezember Boss!  Summer is officially here, who wants to be stuck in long pants in the sweltering heat? Somehow the number of men in Mzansi wearing shorts, are rather low. We don’t need statistics for this, bheka phakhathi ama malls uzobona, black men are shy when it comes to putting on shorts.

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Dress To Suit Your Age - 20’s

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_dress_20s_shirt.jpgThese are the years when you most likely enter the business world and will have to associate with matured guys, aba smart in the garments they wear.  One can’t help but feel somewhat intimidated.

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Shoes maketh the man


Most women purchase a killer pair of heels and then the outfit to match. Men on the other hand, choose a smart outfit without even considering shoes and then land up wearing shoes which do not suite the outfit. Epic fail.

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Decoding the dress code

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_dress_code_2.jpgOkay It's December Boss and invites to various events are coming in left, right and centre. The decent thing to do would be to attend but somehow anxiety starts to kick in about what the appropriate dress code would be…

No need to fret because all you have to do is to follow what your invite says or the event you are attending.

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Mock-up cover released


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