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Pump Up Your Office Attire


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Dressing for the office has become very laid back and casual, in fact a bit under dressed if you asked me, considering that flip flops is allowed in the boardroom.

It doesn’t have to be that much of a mission to look good gents, it really doesn’t. A few simple adjustments to your wardrobe and you are good to go. These are the only two questions you need to ask yourself: “What makes a statement?” and “What works for my personality?”


                    pocket_squares.jpg      ties.jpg

 All your solid-coloured shirt requires is a bright/bold tie to spruce it up and renew its purpose for being in your cupboard. If the bold tie thing freaks you out a little then invest in some gingham shirts for the same effect. Pocket squares are back and kicking, it costs you virtually nothing and comes in a variety of colours to give you and your outfit that subtle yet striking edge. Try a chunky-framed pair of specs to enhance your best features and always remember that a watch speaks volumes so invest in a good one.

Once you’ve got that down, focus on the way you carry yourself because a good posture demands respect.


By Martine Hendricks

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