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Decoding the dress code



Okay It's December Boss and invites to various events are coming in left, right and centre. The decent thing to do would be to attend but somehow anxiety starts to kick in about what the appropriate dress code would be…

No need to fret because all you have to do is to follow what your invite says or the event you are attending.



This does not mean your cargo shorts and a golfer gents. A casual outfit to the office or an event just simply means dressing with ease, nge styela. Wool, cotton, corduroys or a trendy jeans are all good to go as long as it is paired with a black loafer. This keeps you casual yet still well put together and never under-dressed.

For a date or office party the grey blazer paired with a v-neck or faded t-shirt is understated yet right on the money




Good quality chinos, perhaps even turn up the beat with trendy colours like maroon or green. Add a dress shirt and include a cardigan or sports jacket for character.




Now is a good time to get fitted for a tailored suit. A great suit never goes out of style and can be worn for various occasions. Update your classic tux with a bowtie or patterned shirt for a unique look.


So when in doubt, overdress.



By Martine Hendricks

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