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Shoes maketh the man



Most women purchase a killer pair of heels and then the outfit to match. Men on the other hand, choose a smart outfit without even considering shoes and then land up wearing shoes which do not suite the outfit. Epic fail.


Guidance is at hand guys as there is a big enough variety of shoes available to enhance your look and keep you trendy.


A good, comfortable pair of sneakers could be the answer to many of your shoe nightmares. There is a huge selection of sneakers available for every type of man, whatever your taste. High top sneakers are usually associated as a hip-hop trend but there are of the leather variety which are super swanky.


Loafers and dress shoes should have a special place in your shoe closet because depending on your lifestyle, could be the shoes you wear most often. These shoes should also be updated regularly because once it loses its shape, it makes your outfit look hideous.

Shoes are an important part of your accessory collection and could make or break your look. Be style confident and build your shoe collection by experimenting with a varied range of footwear.


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By Martine Hendricks

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