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The Jeans Revolution



Entlek’ every single thing in life changes, the way we communicate, the economy, indlela esigqoka ngayo, even abantu besifazane but the one thing that remains constant yi Jean.Jeans have been worn by sailors and then by abasebenzi basezi factory in World War

2. Isuka kude le way from iskhati sika Levi Strauss, when he started the jeans company in San Francisco in 1853, which revolutionized the jeans world.




Not only are jeans worn as casual wear but also as smart casual, a substitution for a pants by pairing it with a blazer or shirt and a pair of black dress shoes. The range is huge and there is a style to suit every man for every occasion; yilonto wonke umntu ezincanyelwa ijean, iversatile.Skinny, straight leg or boot leg? Black, blue, white or green? These options make the style choices endless and the modern man is not afraid to push the envelope and shift from ezakdala to the trendy. Jeans shirts have exploded on the fashion scene and the versatility that these items bring are endless. Sushiyeka!



By Martine Hendricks

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