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Cuff your pants


Who remembers the ‘turnup’ or the roll up pants? Well, James Dean was the man who took ownership of this look ngeskhathi samzukwana, and he rocked it! It’s all about adding a suave edge to your trousers and creating some character to your personaland visual appeal. Weight is added to the pants, which in some instances makes it hang attractively.


So you may say: ‘I am too short for the cuff trend’, well think again as adopting this style is much more simple than you think. Being shorter just means that you need to stick to a slim fit pants than a pair which is wider, as this could display a rather silly scene.

Socks are another important aspect to pulling off the trend. Have a good pair of socks which compliment your outfit, but still embodies your personal flavour. The shoes you will be stepping out in, with your roll ups, should be that which proportions the length of the cuff and not make you look like Urcle.


The thing about the cuff trend is that it is old school and classic, which every man has the ability to embrace and own.





By Martine Hendricks

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