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TRUKFIT by Lil Wayne

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_lil_wayne_image.jpgTRUKFIT – The reason you kill for it

Rooted in skater culture, this brand new clothing line by Lil Wayne screams unique and eccentric, which is everything he embodies.
Inspired by his childhood experiences in the Magnolia projects of New Orleans; each and every piece is something Wayne would wear and he would rock it! Lil Wayne is an avid skater making this collection a testament to the diversity that is his brand.

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Pump Up Your Office Attire

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_ties.jpgDressing for the office has become very laid back and casual, in fact a bit under dressed if you asked me, considering that flip flops is allowed in the boardroom.

It doesn’t have to be that much of a mission to look good gents, it really doesn’t. A few simple adjustments to your wardrobe and you are good to go. These are the only two questions you need to ask yourself: “What makes a statement?” and “What works for my personality?”

The rise of the modern Androgyny

 b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_beckhams.jpg“In a society where the roles everyone plays are obvious, the refusal to conform to any standard will excite interest. Be masculine and feminine, impudent and charming, subtle and outrageous. Let other people worry about being socially acceptable; those types are a dime a dozen, and you are after a power greater than they can imagine.” Robert Greene

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Easy summer style on the rocks

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_Hawaii_A_Bila.pngThis season it’s all about losing your socks, ja meneer, verbrand jou sokkies!

 Shoes are trending in its simplest form for Summer with the return of suede moccasins, boat shoes and not forgetting the famous canvas sneaker, the only difficulty is choosing Converse or Superga.

Summer is all about ukuphola , ublome namagenge , letting go and the best way to do that is to swop your suits for a green or mustard chino with a canvas belt in stripe, solid or print.

Suit Savvy

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_fashion_suit1.jpgSuits have made a bold appearance from the pre-conceived culture that this is predominantly businessman’s attire. Men from various walks of life have now adopted the suit mentality and have translated this sophisticated form into their own personal style.

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Is’styela trending worldwide

fashionforward.jpgCan South African Men be regarded as fashion forward? Do they take risks and embrace trends ?

The answer unmistakably is… Yebo yes!

Long before the catwalks of London and New York were filled with animal and aztec print, our very own Madiba was doing the’ madiba jive’ in his personally designed African printed attire. These shirts have paved the way for inspirational fashion amongst local designers and taken their designs to the next level.

Colour blocking


b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Iyamus2.jpgThere is no escaping this trend as it seduces your senses and leaves you panting for more. Color blocking has got the masses mesmerized and believe it or not can be translated to suite anybody.

 Martine Hendricks

Mock-up cover released


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