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Drive your partner over the edge by sexting

Women_more_like9181.jpgVery few things prick up the mind of a human being than the topic of sex, it brings a smile to our faces and makes some of us blush.

 A couple of years ago you would not have know or heard about sexting but it is here and emonati baba. In fact, if you have not

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Kristina Engaged to “brother”.

bobikristinabrown_nickgordon.jpgBobbi Kristina Brown as in Whitney Hustons daughter  is on the fast lane, a while back she was suicidal now she is engaged to her adopted brother.  The pair were raised together like siblings, however the couple became close especially after

Her Top 5 Sex Dreams

sleeping.jpgEver wonder what your women dreams about at night?. For one thing It's not you but fret as we give you an in depth analysis of what (or who) is really going in her head. 

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Lessons in Chivalry


The word ‘gentleman’ is being used rather loosely in modern society and at times do not even scrape the surface of the true meaning. The question you must ask yourself, “Am I worthy of the term, gentleman?”

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Does size really matter?

ruler.jpgThis has been an ongoing question for years now and still the answers are not tangible.  You have people handing out flyers on the street, advertising doctors who can make your junk bigger.  You have drugs that are said to make your manhood bigger.  Truth is:  It is all false advertising.

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Getting Over A Breakup


couple.jpgKe May Boss a season where people are just dumping people.  When people hope to find some fling for a while until next month when they come crawling back to you and begging you to take them back.  In between all of that, u coper kanjani mawushaywe ngestina?  Here are some tips on how to move on from the breakup and make her feel like ubhayizile:

Top deck relationships


Times have changed and we’re no longer living in the apartheid era, interracial relationships have become popular. You go ema-clubini or malls and find umjita omnyama ezijabulisa nengamlakazi,  it has become normal thing.

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How to woe a lady


Most women say bona they want indoda eqotho hayi indonda nje. It is sometimes difficult for amagents to get that lady they want. Have you ever tried to talk to a shambula and all you got is a weird frown? If so maybe you need some great woeing tips ukuze ufumane  isimomondiya sakho esinguslander or upakistani wakho.



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Top 3 sex positions women love

black-couple-in-bed.jpgGrand- grand there are many sex positions out there for more fun ways zokudlala embhedini.  For some of them, funeka ube fit and super flexy for uzokwazi ukeeper ipace.  Now just because women in the porno movies enjoy some really weird and quite nasty positions that does not mean necessarily umntu wakho feels the same way. 

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Are you ready to move in together?

moving_in1.jpgMoving in together can be a great experience, imagine being with that special someone 24/7. This can also be a traumatic experience that may cause a rift between two love birds. It is therefore best to make sure that you are ready to move in together before making that move.

Men make good friends

cheating.jpgThe last thing on a man’s mind is to have sex with his friend’s wife.Amjita have been called dogs for a long time and can do everything but not to get cozy and steamy with ivrou yonjita wayo. To guys this is a no no.

 Guys respect the marriage of friend that much. If an ivrou of a friend was cheating and a guy knew,

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Hey tsotsi don’t go there


break-up.jpgWe’ve all had that moment when you go to a chick and propose your story but the girl just tells you that you are not her type.

Ya vele kublind ukuthola irejection more especially from the chick oyincanywa grand grana. You have to take it to nje ngo-outi and get on with the hustle. Indoda ingawa namhlanje ksasa iphinde ivuke!

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What do women want?

what-do-women-want.jpgIs the question that has never been honestly answered even by those that claim to be experts in indaba zomjolo.Even our very own president who has more than one woman cannot give a fully convincing answer to this simple question. World’s number

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Too many baby mamas at EC schools

pregnant_girl.jpgA staggering amount of girls in the Eastern Cape fall pregnant while still at school, haibo.

This province is one of the few in the country that have a serious problem in education. It even had the least number of learners that passed their metric behind Limpopo.

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Women just know

Tigerwoods_cheaters_club.jpegBafethu its official, amacherri are the detectives in this game called love or ukujola if ungowasekasi.

Women’s intuition is almost always right and this thing idika amajita no end. Women are something else indeed.

Amacherri have hearts as deep as an ocean or even deeper.

Love is worth the wait

Makhumalo-zumawife.jpgHow long would you wait for your lover to come back to you?

If you think you have waited too long you are wrong, some have waited longer than you. Take Makhumalo- Zuma, the first wife of our president, Jacob. The woman waited until freedom day for her boo to come back and be with her.

How far would you go?


Appreciating yourself means loving yourself for who and what you are. Most men are attracted to women with self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Being dark in complexion is not a sin but women tend to buy cheap body enlighting creams and bleach their bodies because they want to be white.

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The marriage factor

marriage_spells3.jpgGetting married its a big step it's self, but have you thought the challenges that you will come across, especially with your in-laws. Marriage can bring out the best and the worst in people especially if you don't get  along. Obabazala usually

Girls love oral sex

oral_sex.jpgChicks love to receive and give oral sex as much as amajita does and that is a fact finish and klaar.That’s right ouens, your chick loves it, loves it so much that she will beg you for it one of these days.

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Keeping cheaters

Tigerwoods_cheaters_club.jpegWhy do women stay with a partner that cheats?

Ocherri fall hard when they fall in love nomjita and are usually the ones who put more work in the relationship.Umjita can cheat, repeatedly, but ucherii would still

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Gay makoti in KZN

GAY_MAKOTI.jpgYesterday a KZN witness a marriage with a difference, a gay marriage.A place called Stanger in KZN welcomed umakoti omusha. The couple married in traditional style. Stanger is where Inkosi uShaka abuya khona.

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Pregnancy in a relationship

Many people get very excited when they hear that they are expecting a baby. It gives great pleasure to hear that you will be bringing a beautiful soul in the world. But actually ukuba nencosi brings major changes in a relationship. Pregnancy or ukuba umzali may sometime bring changes to your relationship. Before the baby is even born they are

Morbid jealousy (also known as Othello Syndrome or Delusional jealousy)

We all experience the emotion of jealousy at some point of our lives. Everyone wants their loved ones to themselves, asifuna ukushera amapartners wethu or feel like second bests. It is normal for one to be jealous but some people do not have control over this emotions than others. In many cases women will try to prevent their partners from seeing or talking to certain people, abanye bahlala bethukile ukuthi their partner will stray away and feel threatened when their partners spends time with friends. Abanye abafazi babe jealous of their men going to work because they are not spending with them,

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Amajitas are boob crazy

boobs.jpgTo women Breasts are just a part of their body; they are not a big deal so to speak.But kumajita, amabele are more than just milk glands, men loose their mind at a sight of a beautiful breast.

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Armed struggle: The safest sex

By Siphiwo Nkonki

shake it babyUkuskomora can be real fun and provide you with so much joy.

But like all good things it can be addictive as well. Masturbation brings a smile on many ,and guys wouldn’t readily admit that they yet they are hand and gloves. Even amacherri nawo do it.

Riri is not worried

By Siphiwo Nkonki

Rihanna_LOUD_Tour_Belfast_cropped_2.jpgPop sensation, Rihanna says people can talk about her hooking up with Chris Brown again but she doesn't care.Aba babini rekindled their romance which ended on a sour note back in 2009 after Brown wahlukumeza u Riri while they were headed for the Grammy’s. The two were travelling on the same car.Brown was sentenced for the incident and received a lot of bad rap

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Men raising daughters

By Theresa Ndlomoza

samosas_black_girls_f_normal.jpgUkuba yitaima it's a tough thing, especially being a single father to a young girl. Men in general tend to listen long enough to identify problems and girls want someone that will quickly understand their world.

Sometimes girls need coaching when it comes to problem solving.

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Get her to kiss you first

Lipstick-Kiss-psd16621.pngBy Siphiwo Nkonki

In most relationships it is the guys who make the first move or initiate everything.

This seems to be the natural order, but women are really coming to the fore now and are starting to loosen up a little.

Very few things are as scary as initiating the first kiss, you start shaking and your heart beats so hard in anticipation 

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I valentines day isemnyango


By Theresa Ndlomoza

I valentines day seyfikile and everyone is talking about it. People are planning to buy gifts or surprise their husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, abomakhwapheni, osugar daddy, osugar mama, amaben ten you name them.

Kudala guys never received gifts unless you are married or engaged. Nowadays it is the other way round. Amachery abhayela amaouti expensive gifts and most of the time lawomacherry don't get anything in return. Amajita these days athandwa ukubhejwa. How can you claim you love someone and find it hard to spoil her on valentines day but you expect to be spoiled. Valentines day is usually thought as a day for men to honor women

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Dull valentine’s for Tokyo

By Siphiwo Nkonki

220px-Tokyo_Sexwale-wef-crop.jpgIf you lonely or experiencing relationship problems ungaworry nakancane you got a very important accomplice in government. 

Human settlement minister, Tokyo Sexwale will be lonely as well this valentine’s day.

Uminister uzoyidla yedwa ivalentine’s day okokuqala in twenty one years.

Tokyo announced last year in October that him and his wife were headed for the bitter end, the divorce courts.

So if you thought you were the only one in the world you now know you not.

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Men and break-ups

By  Theresa Ndlomoza

break-up.jpgBreaking up unlike falling in love is awful. Whether bakushaye ngestina or bakudumpile its all the same. Amachery always seem to take it harder than amaouti because it is unlikely to see umjita crying over a failed relationship. In some cases men find it hard to get over their ex's because they are dealing with the pain alone. Amachery talk it out and always express their feelings and they always have the support from friends.

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Mock-up cover released


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