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Her Top 5 Sex Dreams

Ever wonder what your women dreams about at night?. For one thing It's not you but fret as we give you an in depth analysis of what (or who) is really going in her head. 


Idris Elba makes an appearance

She is visual and toned celebrity personalities seem to fuel her fire. This type of dream often takes place when she’s hungry for attention.

                                                                  Photo:  Automotive Rhythms@flickr


The ‘Ex’ factor

This has got nothing to do with the fact that she is still in love with him ok.

Her brain processes old memories of a part of that relationship perhaps lacking in her current relationship eg:  They had Sunday afternoon ‘marathons’ in bed whereas now with you her Sundays consist of her bringing snacks & beer for you (and your friends)  while you watch some PSL.


A man of mystery

Yes you guessed it, this is the dream of her ‘knight in shining armour’.

The way she thinks she wants you to be or what you might be lacking. Perhaps she wants you to carry her into the bedroom and set her lightly on the bed (yes m’fanaga, even 15kg later)


Girl on girl action

And all the guys screech wildly with excitement!

Hold on just a second gentleman; she dreams about this not because she’s suddenly yearns for a threesome. Possibly because of a strong emotional bond she has with another female.

Hey who cares, she’s still dreaming it, right?

                                                                                 Photo: Lesmedia  @flickr                   


Orgasmic sleep

She has the ability to climax in her sleep whether she knows it or not (whether she likes it or not) and this does not even require sexual thoughts! Bet you going to watch her sleep now J




By Martine Hendricks

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