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Lessons in Chivalry


The word ‘gentleman’ is being used rather loosely in modern society and at times do not even scrape the surface of the true meaning. The question you must ask yourself, “Am I worthy of the term, gentleman?”



Common courtesy is not hard at all and in the days of abo Bra Hugh Masikela, it was a natural reaction for men. Car doors would be opened and if a bus or train was packed, the ladies would be offered seats. So to the men of Mzansi I pose the question, “Is chivalry dead?”


It is absolutely true that we cannot paint all the male counterparts with the same brush and of course there are still true, chivalrous gentleman in our midst; but they are few and far between. What is more devastating is the fact that most females are so used to being treated in a nonchalant way that they are oblivious to gentlemanly behaviour and accept their circumstances.


Manene ase Mzansi, how about trying these on for size and I can assure you that the activity in the bedroom (or on the kitchen table) will be on full blast.

·         Be attentive

·         Be considerate

·         Hold her hand (at least once in a while)

·         Be polite as often as you can (say please and thank you for goodness sake!)

·         Compliment your lady (not just in a company but when you are alone as well)



By Martine Hendricks

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