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Does size really matter?



b_290_200_16777215_00_images_dating_guy_in_briefs.jpgThis has been an ongoing question for years now and still the answers are not tangible.  You have people handing out flyers on the street, advertising doctors who can make your junk bigger.  You have drugs that are said to make your manhood bigger.  Truth is:  It is all false advertising. 



There have been people who go to extremes to have a bigger looking penis, like having fat injected.  It might look big for a while but when the fat settles, you’ll just be left with a lumpy looking pump gun.  Some other people with the safer option of just shaving off all their pubic hair and that gives the illusion that upakile.  Ibalulekile into yokuba umisile na?  Who are you trying to impress?  Or is this just an obsession that you have with your member?


If your answer is that it’s to impress oosisi, you should not really be worried about that.  In truth, ladies don’t care about the size of the penis.  It’s what you can do with it that really matters.  You will get the odd nutcase who says that it is very important how big the guy is.  That should not worry you though, you’ll meet a few people like that but not every woman is out searching for a massive magic wand.  It also just comes down to ukuzithemba kwakho.



By Dulcie Baleni

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