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Getting Over A Breakup

 Ke May Boss a season where people are just dumping people.  When people hope to find some fling for a while until next month when they come crawling back to you and begging you to take them back.  In between all of that, u coper kanjani mawushaywe ngestina?  Here are some tips on how to move on from the breakup and make her feel like ubhayizile:



b_290_200_16777215_00_images_dating_couple.jpg·        It’s time to move on – akholula but akusizi uspender  ubusuke nemini crying about it.  She obviously thought it was time to move on.  Show her that you have moved on and you’re not looking back.

·        Don’t seek revenge – Yes, okophule intliziyo and you feel she must pay for it but don’t do something that will humiliate her and you too.  So, keep those sex tapes you have, don’t rush into leaking them out for the world to see or putting your ish kwama social networks. That’s not ayoba boss.
·       Join’ i gym mfethu– Instead of feeling down and miserable, join the gym and start working for a mean body.  Going to gym is also a great way yohlangana nabantu abafresh and you’ ll also be feeling confident because you’ll be feeling good about yourself.  Maybe you can even hook up with hot single ladies.
·       Don’t be too desperate to get her back – Don’t beg her to take you back. Sum’cenga too much, you’ll only put her off, myekele!  It’s her loss

·       Get social – This does not mean yibayi moffie and start posting statuses about how much you hate your ex, then next moment, you’re missing her. No! It just means that you should go hang out namajita and meet some new people.  You are bound to meet someone who you will hit it off with.  It is also a way to forget about the lady who left you with a broken heart.



By Dulcie Baleni

Photo: Ed yourdon

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