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Times have changed and we’re no longer living in the apartheid era, interracial relationships have become popular. You go ema-clubini or malls and find umjita omnyama ezijabulisa nengamlakazi,  it has become normal thing.

Umthandano business is a lot of hard work itself; imagine how much more challenging interracial relationships are. There’s different cultural background, norms, language barrier and social issues. Yes wena uyay’canwa imedi yakho and you’re both serious about the relationship but there are certain issues or into ezincane that can pose hurdles, like family. Imagine the first time you introduce her to your family, or you decide to take your relationship to the next level and marry her. Zinintsi izinto ofuneka uzicingisise when it comes to tradition and it has to accommodate both sides.

So nenza kanjani to keep this thing going:
Communicate: Funeka nithethisane, nibonisane, nifundisana ngezinto. Also show interest in learning each other’s cultural backgrounds.

Compromise: In any relationship there has to be some compromise. Bheka elakhe iside naye abheke alakho and always have each other’s best interests at hearts.

Respect: Yonke into yenziwa ngentlonipho and it has to shown both sides. Don’t be so quick to want things done your, show consideration.

If uyamthanda umntu race doesn’t have to be much of a big deal and whatever challenges you might face you can come out tops. Thandanani, hloniphani, thembanani.    


By Bulelwa Pango

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