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How to woe a lady


Most women say bona they want indoda eqotho hayi indonda nje. It is sometimes difficult for amagents to get that lady they want. Have you ever tried to talk to a shambula and all you got is a weird frown? If so maybe you need some great woeing tips ukuze ufumane  isimomondiya sakho esinguslander or upakistani wakho.

First of all guys, get a job. No woman wants umahlanyela. You gotta hustle hard and make sure there is food on the table. And when I say get a job, I don’t mean ubeyiskoli, get a genuine job.

Secondly, hlambani  bo bantu and niyapare hantle and then the ladies will notice. So make sure she notices you first then she will want you to walk up to her.


Thirdly, look the lady straight in the eye when you talk, if you don’t she will not see you njengendoda eqotho or at least what you think you are.

Also I don’t care ukuthi udomo kangakanani kodwa, say smart things and carry yourself with respect

Walking upright is always a sign of strength and self-confidence. Abocheri bonke like that on a man. No one wants some who would even be able to kill a rat in the house. Women want men!

Finally smell good. The scent of a man is the key to the dating world. Omabhebeza become drawn to the one who smells edible.




By Ancillar Mangena

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