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Are you ready to move in together?

Moving in together can be a great experience, imagine being with that special someone 24/7. This can also be a traumatic experience that may cause a rift between two love birds. It is therefore best to make sure that you are ready to move in together before making that move.

You are not ready to move in together if:

·         You disagree more often than you agree.
·         Your arguments lead to ungquzulana or verbal violence
·         Awukho grand to share absolutely everything. Your other half should know everything you know. Good or bad.
·         Have clashing principles. Be it beliefs or acts.
·         You can’t share responsibilities. Signs of this are usually visible when you go out with your partner. Who always pays for the drinks, movies, or whatever activities you guys do? You do not have to share the payments exactly by half but both parties should contribute.

·         You can’t stand your partners everyday behavioural characteristics e.g maybe they are always late, or they chew in a funny way, or they snore when sleeping.
·         You can’t help each other with household chores.
moving_in1.jpg·         You are always in a hurry to go back to your place after you visit umuntu wakho.
·         Your partner’s relatives and friends abakuncanywa. These people will always be a part of your lives, so fix the relations before taking the big step.

·         You have someone on the side that you are stringing along. Balahle bonke omakhwapheni because bazokwenzela amatlakala.




BY By Ancillar Mangena

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