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Signs that she might be cheating on you



As hard as it is to believe, girls cheat.  Yes, it is true.  Maybe uactor snaaks lately and you don’t know zikhiphani.  You feel that something is strange about her behavior but you can’t put your finger on what it is exactly.  She might be seeing some other dude or it could be something entirely different.  Don’t start stressing just yet but look out for the following signs to see if she might be juggling you and some other guy:

·         Ucanywa uzenza muhle lately  – Not a big cheating sign but you tell her that you like her just the way that she is but she insists on looking sexy all the time.  She might be trying to impress the other guy.
·         She becomes secretive about her activities and whereabouts  –  Basop! This should set the warning bells off.  She just tells you uyavaya and when you ask where she’s going, she doesn’t give you a straight answer.
·         She has a mysterious friend – Just nje she has a friend “from back in the day” that she has been seeing a lot of lately and she doesn’t want you to meet him yet.
·         She distances herself from you – She doesn’t want to hang out with you as much as she used to.  She does things alone iskhathi esibhaye and when you want to do something, an excuse comes up.
·         She’s no longer interested in sex with you – Suddenly unama excuses and is not in the mood for sex anymore. And when it does actually happen, she seems bored and couldn’t be bothered to make it more exciting.

·         She constantly accuses you of cheating – It might be the guilt talking or you have given her a reason to be doing so and she’s cheating on you because you did it to her too.  Revenge cheating.

Now these are just a few of the signs that she might be cheating but also maybe if you see more of these signs, it is time to evaluate your relationship with your girl and see if it is maybe time to part ways…



By Dulcie Baleni

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