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Men and break-ups

 By  Theresa Ndlomoza

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_break-up.jpgBreaking up unlike falling in love is awful. Whether bakushaye ngestina or bakudumpile its all the same. Amachery always seem to take it harder than amaouti because it is unlikely to see umjita crying over a failed relationship. In some cases men find it hard to get over their ex's because they are dealing with the pain alone. Amachery talk it out and always express their feelings and they always have the support from friends.

Amaouti wona always keep their emotions to themselves and the don't like to revisit and talk about izinto ezibuhlungu. They would rather act tough,

forget and move on. Some of them don't really move on because, they get so depressed to the point that they indulge themselves in alcohol and start having sex namacherry amaningi just to get rid of the pain.

Most guys do not always have the support they need from abangani. Instead of supporting impintshi yabo they buy him beers, pat him ehlombe and move to the next topic. Amajita awanaso isikhathi sokumamela ukuthi how your heart was broken. All they will tell you is that you are a man and you need to be strong. Amaouti amaningi listen to friends and friends often leads them to the wrong path. In our view amajita always get over a break up easily because kufuneke uqine ube yindoda uyeke ukuba yimpatha. To boost your pride you must show it to your friends, other guys and abantwana ukuthi how much of a man you are.Amajita need to work kwingaphakathi labo and make  sure that their internal issues are sorted, its not easy to fall back in love but they must work on  their emotion after break-up before getting into relationships, you need to be sure you not using a relationship to overcome a previous one .

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