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Get her to kiss you first


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Lipstick-Kiss-psd16621.pngBy Siphiwo Nkonki

In most relationships it is the guys who make the first move or initiate everything.

This seems to be the natural order, but women are really coming to the fore now and are starting to loosen up a little.

Very few things are as scary as initiating the first kiss, you start shaking and your heart beats so hard in anticipation of what’s about to happen and you are nervous at the same time.

There are ways to make her initiate the first kiss though. Women are impatient guys, tease her.

Bring her closer; close enough for her to be able to look deeply into your eyes. After usumsondezile don't kiss her yet, just move ubuso bakho to one side or the other, kancane nje to make her think you're going in for the kiss. But ungaze. Instead pull away from her.

At this point it’s likely that she will pull her lips inside of her mouth. This is a sign that sekuzoshuba, but don’t rush Tsotsi, keep teasing.

Now move closer again; this time, touching her cheek with the back of your knuckles, msondenze duze naye and brush her cheek with your lips, umjonge straight amehlo and reveal your desires to her.

If she doesn’t grab you by the back of your head and sticks her tongue deep into your mouth, vela umyeke sani!

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