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Men raising daughters

By Theresa Ndlomoza

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_samosas_black_girls_f_normal.jpgUkuba yitaima it's a tough thing, especially being a single father to a young girl. Men in general tend to listen long enough to identify problems and girls want someone that will quickly understand their world.

Sometimes girls need coaching when it comes to problem solving.Sitting down, helping her think through an issue and find a solution sometimes becomes harder for amataima, they want everything to happen fast and move on.

Amataima sometimes tend to overprotect their daughters, infact they must know that life challenges are a learning curve, they shape people to become more responsible and depedant. Sometimes as a parent you must let go, let your daughter explore, let them make mistakes and allow her some limited risks and she will learn confidence and responsibility as she grows. Kulula ukuthi itaima libe involved to their son's lives than with the goings on of their daughters lives. As a father your daughter needs your support. As a parent you need to be honest through your daughters puberty transition and adolescence, make her understand that it is normal to be nervous and anxious about her body and hormonal transitions. If you find it hard to explain to her, you may ask female relatives and to explain to her and guide her as she goes through the childhood to womanhood transition, you may ask ooanti, oomamncane, ugogo or any other person who might be of help. 

Ungabi yilabobaba abastrict too much. Who are being feared by their kids, then all of a sudden ubone incosi yakho ihamba nomfana bese uyazwabula. Umntana makafika endlini uyamtrapa. We know that amataima sometimes find it hard to talk to their daughters about their privacy but try to Clarify things to her, let her be open and honest to you, make her feel at ease when she is with you, let her ask questions if she doesn't understand, go shopping with her, cook with her.If you are sensitive, pay good attention to your daughter's life and invest in your relationship with your daughter, you will find satisfaction in raising successful daughter. They are currently amataima amaningi who raise daughters and they are doing a great job

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