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Armed struggle: The safest sex

By Siphiwo Nkonki

shake it babyUkuskomora can be real fun and provide you with so much joy.

But like all good things it can be addictive as well. Masturbation brings a smile on many ,and guys wouldn’t readily admit that they yet they are hand and gloves. Even amacherri nawo do it.

Amajita amaninzi have a collection of adult movies they watch when ucheri engekho. Other  times they watch it with umakhwapheni.Although not like the real thing, masturbation can improve your sex life a great deal. It’s an expression of self love. Like the late MS Houston said, “learning to love yourself is the greates love of all”.

Why masturbate:

·         Satisfaction is guaranteed

·         It’s mahala (why bother when your hands can do it for free)just you and your dinges.

·         You don’t have to make a lot of phone calls or send messages or even go out on a date before you do it.

·         It last as long as you want it to

·         Its portable

·         Its safe

There are a lot of reasons why people do it. Think of your own and add on to these.


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