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Morbid jealousy (also known as Othello Syndrome or Delusional jealousy)

or they are probably bayobona amanye amachery. Many women are insecure they think if their partners are not thinking about them every moment, amadoda wabo don't love them as much as they do and that lead to women being afraid of being abondoned

Most women babambelela too much emadodeni wabo in order to  be sheltered, dressed, protected or even fed, come to the thought that they will loose their partners means they will loose everything and they cannot endure the pain. That brings so many women to anger and obsession with their partners which leads to women destroying their ralationships or marriages. Jealousy is usually experienced by those who are insecure, people who have been hurt, those who have been unexpectedely abondoned and those who have been betrayed Jealousy makes one to loose abantu obathandayo because they become  emotionally exhausted by being controlled.

People with jealousy need to get help, evaluate themselves thoroughly, uzibuze ukuthi lesikhwele siqale kanjani, find ways to try and control the emotion, discuss fair ground rule with your partner, show her how much you compromise your time and attention to her. Communication in a relationship is the best medicine or go seek professional help

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