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Keeping cheaters

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Tigerwoods_cheaters_club.jpegWhy do women stay with a partner that cheats?

Ocherri fall hard when they fall in love nomjita and are usually the ones who put more work in the relationship.Umjita can cheat, repeatedly, but ucherii would still stay with him hoping he’d change, but ma-uyinja uyinja finish and klaar.

Love is a funny thing nje, it cripples you and humbles you right away. Uthando lunzima magenge and ukuthanda umuntu akulula.If ungucherri and you cheat on umjita, it’s all over with, that I can guarantee, amajita don’t take nonsense.

To ocheri though, things get a little complicated. A good man is hard to find they say.But why ocherri behlala although ukau engudlalani?

Some fear being single, a married chick would worry about the elders, the church, the society and so

on. Other s vele go into a relationship with the attitude that men are cheaters anyway so why should

I leave him for being “a man”?

If the man is the sole bread winner a woman would stay because of that reason, fear of the

unknown. She thinks more for the children than herself.“The other woman found me here, she must go”, is another reason. First in, last out.The reasons are plenty and could be really funny if the heart wasn't concerned.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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