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Drive your partner over the edge by sexting

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Women_more_like9181.jpgVery few things prick up the mind of a human being than the topic of sex, it brings a smile to our faces and makes some of us blush.

 A couple of years ago you would not have know or heard about sexting but it is here and emonati baba. In fact, if you have not  been sexting, what have you been doing?

Di teenagers’ dintse di idira kodifonong tsa bona. You just remove the ‘T’ in texting and replace it with an ‘S’.  But you don’t have top be on any social media network to be sexting one another. All you need is airtime

Sexting is when the text messages that you guys are exchanging are strictly about sex and just sex. Ke dilo tse leke di dira fa le kopana kgape kedilo tsathobalwano.  

It works like mind sex, where you get to have sexual intercourse but without taking your clothes off.

Ofcourse fa uli momaratong hu ngwela di sms tsa thobalwano hobonolo. Just imagine you at the office searching for a file and suddenly your cellphone rings and it’s your chick sending you a raunchy photo of hers with the message that reads: “Hurry home superman, we miss you”.Isekgele utla bona silo sesengwe sesiemmi kahari kgaborokgo. Then sexting starts.

It is a safer way of having fun; anybody can do it.Hongwala di sms tsa thobalwano hobabonolo ha ukile wa robala lemotho omongwalelang. You can drive your partner to orgasm by sexting.

 If you want to relieve stress, try sexting,  uskatswara borokgo bolekatlase kgamangwele, try sexting. She’ll be mad but hey, you didn’t really do it.

It is said that of all the things that make men prosper, nothing can be compared to sexual intercourse, it is modeled after heaven.

Like all good things, sexting is open to abuse and can have serious consequences. It could even break up relationships and marriage.

So if you feel like your relationship has been of the boil or you want to try something new, maybe you guys should try to sex-text each other. Oh! the embarrassment of sending that naughty sms and you find out you sent to a wrong person LOL.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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