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The marriage factor


Getting married its a big step it's self, but have you thought the challenges that you will come across, especially with your in-laws  Marriage can bring out the best and the worst in people especially if you don't get  along. Obabazala usually don't approve of abakhwenyana babo, they always over protective towards their daughters. It becomes difficult for many parents to accept that intombi yabo is old enough to decide what she wants in her life.

This process is important to each and every member of the family because they are now sort of loosing a daughter to another family. At first, Its quite difficult to try to find out who are these people, what do they expect of you, what do you expect from them, how much of your life are you going to share with them and how are you going to handle  situations with them as a family. In laws tend to be pushy, controlling, intrusive and they like interfering in your issues nevrou yakho.When a man looses his bachelor life to marriage, he wants a woman who will make him a better person, who is committed to stand beside him through thick and thin, a partner in a partnership, a solid rock to lean on not a selfish, self centered and cold hearted person who is going to suck away every inch of his dignity and self respect.

When a man acabanga ukuthi you have centered your whole life around them without talks they feel pressured. So as a woman you need to open up about your feelings and expectations in the relationship. Not all women are bad but the supply of kind, interesting, patience and capable women is low. In other men perceptions marriage is senseless and does not return good results  unless ufuna ukuba neencosi

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