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 Mase iphelile i cream or you get exposed to the sun, you become more darker than you were before or your body becomes redish. Plastic surgery was meant to fix parts of our bodies that we don't like,  but it actually makes you  look more fake and less attractive. When you over-do plastic surgery  uyashwabana njengomagogo at an early age. Starving yourself to death because you want to look like those skinny celebrities, will just send you straight esbhedlela.

Xa u fisher gqithi men think that you are a "water meisie" or umarhosha anyone who wants you can easily have you. Kanti mantaining your natural beauty makes you feel and look younger everyday. We must love our self for who we are because when God created us he knew what he was doing. As it is said our body is the temple of God, if he wanted it to be renovated, he would have done it himself.

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