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Women just know

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_Tigerwoods_cheaters_club.jpegBafethu its official, amacherri are the detectives in this game called love or ukujola if ungowasekasi.

Women’s intuition is almost always right and this thing idika amajita no end. Women are something else indeed.

Amacherri have hearts as deep as an ocean or even deeper .They can keep something for years and never mention it to anybody, not even their BFF. Amajita can’t even keep time.

A guy can have a mistress, as guys always do, keep her for a week or two and boom, the main chick knows. Next thing you know she is asking him about the side chick, how she knows is anybody’s guess.

When a girl knows, she knows ke qha, simple as that. On the contrary, majita, your woman can cheat on you for years or throughout your relationship, in fact she could even have multiple boyfriends on the side and just for good measure adds a Ben10 to the mix, you won’t tell, let alone know about it. Amajita are naturally blind to these things and akukho esingakweza ngakho.

Chicks are so good at this that they can even tell that a stranger is a cheat or cheating on their partners, amazing.

Apparently the tough masculine guys are cheats, if women are to be believed. Bathi lamajita are more likely to cheat than their skinny counterparts. This is understandable because skinny guys really have nothing to entice a woman about. A tough guy has muscles.

Bathi a woman needs only to walk past a guy or just have a conversation with him to know that he can or does cheat on his partner, if he has a partner in the first place.

Since this is the case, we advice that if you want to score with her, thetha inyani upfront. Of course you can’t tell her the whole truth but just a little white lie won’t hurt her.

Women know amajita are liars and have to some degree accepted that fact, but too much of everything is no good. BTW if this women intuition is as good as they say it is how come Tiger Wood’s wife didn’t notice this until the 18th chick?

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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