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Hey tsotsi don’t go there


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_break-up.jpgWe’ve all had that moment when you go to a chick and propose your story but the girl just tells you that you are not her type.

Ya vele kublind ukuthola irejection more especially from the chick oyincanywa grand grana. You have to take it to nje ngo-outi and get on with the hustle. Indoda ingawa namhlanje ksasa iphinde ivuke! But for- sure eskaleni kukho amacheri that are really not your type or you can’t jola with. Below we list only just four of those girls, and they are:

1.       Your ex chick.

You have been there and done that, manje ufunani again here. And vele you broke her heart lova, now yini indaba wafuna ukumdlala again umabebeza. Unless you have really changed (once a cheater always a cheater) lomtana will never trust you, nakanye mfethu. You would have to work twice as hard to convince her or try to show her that you have changed your player ways. Even that might not be enough to gain her trust again.

2.       Friend’s sister.

Come on dude, this guy is your van die one, your ace and you’d give your right arm for himumjita uyawacava onke ama- shenanigans akho and all your women. Do you really dink that he’d allow you to play with his sister; igazi liyajiya kunamanzai. Do not go there, no!

3.       Married chick.

Aha, abotaken. Yes forbidden fruit is igrand and ziyakhipha but there’s flip side to this. Married women asismoko blind blind and guys’ kumele uhlabe ukhnagele hier. Think with your real head and not the other head. There’s also the small matter of Karma, eish.

4.       Friend’s ex girlfriend

Guys have unwritten rules and codes they live by. This is probably rule number one. Amacheri come and go but amajita tend to stick around longer. Who was there for you when your previous chick iye yakukhawada huh… ngamajita. If you are looking to make a makoti here forget it. The issue of her being with him will always linger in your mind. Stress sodwa esi kau.

By Siphiwo Nkonki


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