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Men make good friends

b_290_200_16777215_00_images_dating_cheating.jpgThe last thing on a man’s mind is to have sex with his friend’s wife.Amjita have been called dogs for a long time and can do everything but not to get cozy and steamy with ivrou yonjita wayo. To guys this is a no no.

 Guys respect the marriage of friend that much. If an ivrou of a friend was cheating and a guy knew, chances are he’d keep quiet in fear of breaking up the marriage.

This is where the differences are clear between men and women. Comedian Chris Rock was correct when he said; when a guy sees his friend’s woman he congratulates him and wish to have a woman like her. But when a woman sees her friends’ man, she wished to have him.

Granted man are hunters and always on the lookout to score, it turns out even they have limits. Ask any man if he’d like to get with Beyonce for instance, the answer is likely to be a Yes. But if you were to ask Kanye if he’d have a sexual relationship with B, the answer is likely to be No.

The so-called guy code plays a big role in this. Guy codes are unwritten rules strictly adhered to by men. Any man that breaks them breaks a relationship with his fried for good.

Amajita don’t just become pretence friends like most chicks do, no. Guys become more like a family, izimpintshi zoqobo nine nine.

A study found that men are unlikely to think about having sex with a pal’s wife. It’s that family thing again. Married women are easier to lure and they are safe as well.

That old Clarence Carter song does not ring true for most men and the fear of loosing more than you get is real. Remember the movie Best Man?

Do not be a home wrecker!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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