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Love is worth the wait



How long would you wait for your lover to come back to you?

If you think you have waited too long you are wrong, some have waited longer than you. Take Makhumalo- Zuma, the first wife of our president, Jacob. The woman waited until freedom day for her boo to come back and be with her. Msholozi made her wait while he went and joined the struggle. He even languished in prison for a decade and Makhumalo never lost hope.

Now Makhumalo is Mzansi number one lady. Lots of young women can learn a thing or two from the first lady.

Like the song goes, you can’t hurry love; you just have to wait. Many young people treat love like they treat their careers, want it done overnight. Love just does not happen that way.

Kwindaba zothando, our president has really been lucky. Not many people find their soul partners. Zuma has in Makhumalo. She stayed with him even after all his shenanigans. He married many other women after her and even divorced but she stayed.

Kulamalanga kuqhuma divorce left and right. Too much lust and too little love out there. Yet divorce is more costly than a marriage.

Omama bamzukwana had a lot of faith, in the Almighty and in their husbands. Who knew when uMsholozi was ever going to come back home?

Some people had already given up saying apartheid will never end and that Zuma was not coming back but Makhumalo stayed in hope and kept her faith in God. Now it has all paid of.

Zuma is home and leads the country. Their love is still as strong as ever even after all these years. Makhumalo is not the only women to have waited however.

Winnie Madikizela- Mandela also waited almost a decade for her then hubby, Madiba and Albertina waited just as long.

Lets give love a chance ladies and gents.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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