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Girls love oral sex


Chicks love to receive and give oral sex as much as amajita does and that is a fact finish and klaar.That’s right ouens, your chick loves it, loves it so much that she will beg you for it one of these days. Perhaps the question is, if you not giving her, why not?

Gone are the days when a shy chick was a turn on for amajita. Kulamalanga dudes want an ngwana that can walk the walk, the motto of amagenge is, go big or go home girl.

It turns out that women love to put it in their mouths. She might act all shy and innocent but she loves it to death, maybe more than you do.

It’s the act of sexual liberation; many women have no qualms expressing their love for sex, whether rough and raw. If you are a shy guy, uzosala, your chick might even take the spurge and go down on you. No need for name calling here, all guys love to receive head. If you got a chick that loves giving it then it’s even a bonus for you, your sexual life would be perfect.

One of the reason women love to receive head is because the tongue gives the clitoris stimulation. Let’s face it, most guys have a short end of the stick and need something extra to help her reach the stars. Enter the tongue.

When the clitoris gets stimulated, it becomes quicker and possible for a woman to reach orgasm. Young women especially love oral sex, they want to experience everything before they get hitched so it would seem.

The flip side to oral sex is that you can also attract HIV from it, yes. It is best that if you want to give him head to first put on a condom. Also there’s a risk of throat cancer in the long run.

So, if you love to get or give head, ponder the risks and take precautious measures.

Have fun!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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