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Why kuqhuma divorce


Marriage is a beautiful thing, a good thing, but as is known, all good things must come to an end eventually.Kulamalanga imishado last up until the first fight that the couple have. Gone are the days when actual death would do a couple apart. These days it is the courts that have assumed that responsibility.

When usemathandweni you make all kinds of promises, promise to always love your next of kin, adore them etc. Then when the bad times start, couples run for cover, individuality creeps in and each one is pulling to his/her side.

It is then that the Black Eyed Peas ask; where is the love and the warring couple would hit back with a Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it?

But nobody thinks of a divorce when they get hitched, yet the possibility is always there. Divorce doesn’t just happen, something leads to it.

It could be anything though, but there are some things that are lead to a divorce certainty. Umjolo is one. When you take a spouse you commit to them, to love only them and to build a life with them. Bringing another party to the union is simply asking for inkinga nje.

Imali. Perhaps the most important thing in marriage next to love is money. When the finances dry up or one partner cheats on the other with money, that marriage is as good as over.

Another mistake that abomathandane make is, they simply stop communicating. They get so used to each other after a while and start taking one another fro granted. Some people are stubborn and you have to tell them the same thing all the time. This infuriates another person and then they just stop talking anymore because they feel their opinion is not heeded to. Asikhulumeni bafethu.

Izinkinga zilungiswa ngokuthi abantu bahlale etafuleni bakhulume isho iphele nempi.

By Siphiwo Nkonki


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