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Amajitas are boob crazy


To women Breasts are just a part of their body; they are not a big deal so to speak.But kumajita, amabele are more than just milk glands, men loose their mind at a sight of a beautiful breast. If they could, they’d hang on top them or suck them until kingdom come.

Guys can spend a whole day just looking at boobs and consider it time well spent. Dudes organize a reunion and have a conversation about their boob preference, these in terms of, shape, size and whatnot.

 A combination of a pretty face and nice boobs makes for a perfect and balanced partnership no doubt about it. Naturally the face place guys look at is the face and then the eyes drop just a little to the chest. This is where they stay for a minute or two.

Amajita are always looking to steal a look if the girl is not watching them. If you asked most guys they’d tell you their favorite chicken piece is the breast.

Breasts are multi-functional. They are food for a baby as they provide it with milk. Kumajita they are much more than that.

Men look at breasts in a sexual way, they have fantasies about them.

Women are well aware that guys are boobs crazy and are using this to their advantage. Unlike women, guys are turned on by what they see. If a guy sees a small opening at the girl’s top in the chest area, he’d most likely be turned on.

A cleavage is enough to send him over the edge, to the men’s room to cool down. Apparently majita are the only male species to look at boobs as a sexual organ. Animals don’t make much use of boobs, they are after the real thing only.

This is what sets men apart from animals.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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