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What do women want?


Is the question that has never been honestly answered even by those that claim to be experts in indaba zomjolo.Even our very own president who has more than one woman cannot give a fully convincing answer to this simple question. World’s number bhut’madlisa, Hugh Heffner has no idea what basadi want.

The question is, do women themselves know what they want. One thing for sure is, every woman wants her boo to be everything, a partner, a father, a husband, a friend etc. sure, a guy can be some of those things, but as time goes on she expects her man to be something else. It’s safe to say they want a multi-purpose man.

Even with all the information available to read about each other, women are still a mystery to men. Many a times utsotsi would ask another, eish kau, tell me, abafazi bafunani vele? Normally this type of a question will be an opener to a whole night debate or conversation.

It seems that the longer a guy is with the chick, the harder it becomes for him to figure what she wants. Men can figure each other out, if a guy is sad for instance, a friend could suggest a beer or a game of pool. If a woman is sad on the other hand, there’s no telling what would cheer her up. It could be a hug, a kiss, a shoulder, just anything.

Umehluko between the sexes is that women are much more complicated than men. It’s no secret that men are simple and easy to figure out. Women have deep emotions and their brains have thousands of gigabytes that store up information.

They also tend to go through mood swings a lot more often than men. A guy could leave the house in the morning in a company of a happy woman, but he can’t be sure that he’d return to a house with that same happy woman.

In any relationship communication is important. Women love to communicate, let’s talk. It’d help if women tabled out their emotions so amajita can be ready and equipped

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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