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Men and their drinks.

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_nightlife_alcoholic_drink.pngBefore holding that drink in your hand, know what it says about your personality and social status. So before sipping that fruity flavored cider or Mojito know the impression you make.

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Men’s silent killer


heart.jpgI read once of a man who died while getting laid. Imagine while ubusy zikhipha ebhedini and all of a sudden your heart stops beating. Cabanga the embarrassment, especially if you were to survive it. You wouldn’t want 

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Mafikizolo back with a single

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Mafikizolo.pngJust when we thought Mafikizolo is a name of the past ,Their latest single has hit us with a bang and the video is going viral.Teaming up with Uhuru, veteran artist  Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe have made one of the greatest

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Kwaito classics

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_kwaito_classics.jpgKwaito is genuinely South African, cooked and brewed right here in ekasi. It has survived two decades and is well on the way to seeing this one out as well.

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The island of Jay Z

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_jay_Z.jpgJay z is reportedly preparing to buy an island for his family, wife and daughter, Beyonce and Blue Ivy to chilax.Hova as Jay is know has the money and can therefore buy the things he wants to buy. Haters can do likewise, hate.

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Rihanna uza ekasi

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_rihanna-photo.jpgUS pop singer Rihanna will be ekasi this month to perform.Riri, as she is called by her millions of fans around be doing her thing and strutting her stuff in two of Mzansi’s biggest cities, Jozi and Kapa.

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Kanye Omari West is God

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_kanye-west-11.jpegAmerican rapper Kanye West has allowed his ego to get the better of him once again. Ayimameli lentwana madoda.

Ngoku ayitsibanga ilitye likaphungela, itsibe uphungela uqobo. It’s being reported that Yay as West fanatics call him will release

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Jub Jub makes them cry



Jailed musician Jub Jub has been performing for the inmates and making grown men cry in the gaol.Jubby has not lost his voice even though he lost his freedom. These days he sings for the inmates he is kept with in Sun City.Amadoda amdala ebekhal ngekhathi uJubby

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Ray j starts beef with K West


Music lovers should brace themselves for another bruising battle, beef!This time an RnB artist is beefing with a rapper. Brandy’s little brother, Ray J has started what could go down as beef with Kanye West.

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Don’t crash & burn, be effective


b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_crash_and_burn.jpgThe world is so fast, the pace which humans have adapted for their professional lives these days are frightening.

Sleep has become somewhat of a luxury as business decisions and networking take place 24/7 and thus the pressure to stay up till 3am ugacele that email or skype message. A bell or hooter does not prompt us the way a vibration or alert from our phones or pc’s literally gets our adrenalin pumping

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Living the fake Le Good Life

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_living_the_fake_life.jpgWe see them ekasi, at local hot spots, night clubs and other events. Bafas’ ibrands; Gucci sunglasses, Lacoste golf t-shirts, a Boss Orange belt, uGiorgio Armani nama Carvella. Abafana bestyela, abaphuza the finest cognac and display it for everyone to see

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Eating for a better sex life

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_healthy_diet.jpgIf men had a choice they would live to have good food and even better sex! It is a fact that amadoda azithandela udlala. However sex is not only about satisfying only your needs, but also about giving your best performance and always satisfying your partner ebhedini.

Your diet plays an essential role on how you perform in bed. MzansiMen has compiled an eating plan that will help improve your sex.

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The shocking truth about caffeine

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_caffiene.jpgDo you sometimes drink coffee whenever you have headaches? Do you use it as an energy booster, stress reliever and to prevent sleep? If you do or unempintshi that does, then its time you knew iwaar about caffeine.

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A bachelors pad

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_foosball_table.jpgUnlike ladies guys don’t fuss too much about their living space. Give them their beer, food and games and they’re cool. But your living space is very important.

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Getting into shape after the holidays

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_gyming.jpgThe holiday is over and it’s time to get back on the grind.  You will also notice that you’ve gained amafutha amancane from lamapapa eChristmas,eYear celebrations nala braaivleis and on top of that notywala that was always around, kuselwa kumnandi.

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Focus on good health for 2013

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_healthy_food.jpgThe best you can be stems from being truly happy but this often does not last very long with the pressures of daily life.

Don’t be average as this usually means being overweight, lazy and much more vulnerable to ill health.

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Shining Star – Bongeziwe Mabandla

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_reviews_Bngeziwe.jpgStraight from our local TV screen to the music scene, Bongeziwe Mabandla is Mzansi’s multi-talented star on the move and making waves wherever he lands. From the quaint town of Tsolo ezilalini eTranskei, comes an African storyteller who expresses all he is through his music with transparent passion

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The Hennessy effect

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_hennesy.jpgEven if you not a cognac fan; Hennessy Very Special has a way of stealing people’s hearts, now Hennessey has become the most consumed spirits in Mzansi. It gives you status within the society and yet it is affordable. On the nose, Hennessy Very Special brings together an intense and fruity character with oaky notes. 

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Ten Christmas gift ideas for her

gifts.jpg“I can never understand women, they are so unpredictable” soloko amajita ekhala njalo. Now that it’s almost Christmas, most men are running around like headless chickens unsure of what to get la muntu uspecial. Well, no need to worry ngoba siyazicava lezinto eMzansimen and we have ten great ideas to put you out of your dilemma.

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Khaya at Jazz festival

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_khaya_photo.jpgTo all the single ladies and groupies, Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa will perform at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.

The festival will be held on the 6th of April, next month. It is held annually and features a host of international as well as local acts. Artists from other genres are invited to perform as well.

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The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay


  • b_152_152_16777215_00_images_styves_best_kept_secret.jpg
    Can you keep a secret? St Yves can… be secretly seduced every Friday with deep hypnotic house music! So get out of your house and into ours. We will guarantee to warm up your weekend with the perfect mix of music, drinks and Cape Town’s elite.
    This week :
    - Leighton Moody(Soulsideup)
    - Cassiem Latief (Soulcrescent)
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5 Things to do before the end of the world

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_met-gala-after-party-2.jpgSo, December 21 is the day that the Mayans predicted the world would end.  The question is uzobe usenzani wena before the apocalypse? Why not do something fun and adventurous?  That way, if the world does not come to an end, unento yobalisa.  Here’s a list of some things that you should consider doing before you say goodbye to the planet:

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Hairstyle No-No's

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_fohawk.jpgWomen’s tastes on what is attractive on a man may vary but majority yomedi will agree with some pointers in this article.  If u dink(a) ukuthi people don’t notice your hair do then cabanga weer… Ikhanda lakho is the first things they will notice about you before they take all of you in

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Adventure ideas for the guys

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_life_paragliding.jpgBoys will be boys and the holidays are the perfect time to explore all the wild and wacky adventures Mzansi has in store. Whether Its high speed race car driving, paragliding from thousands of miles in the air or just taking it easy with nature theres sure to be something for everyone.

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Gebraaide lamstjops met bier dit buitekant lekker tyd.

Wynberg ParkPicnics are a growing trend in Mzansi. People go to beautiful parks and spots looking for nothign else but fun, music, girls, booze and Gebraaide lamstjops.

These gatherings are traditionally family orientated but nowadays they’ve become a way of having a nice jol. This is where you often see the glamour boys of Mzansi.

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Cape Town uzogcwala nge Afrokalawa

b_152_152_16777215_00_images_Dj_tira.pngFresh from scooping the Metros, the two music stables are headed for the mother city of Cape Town this coming Sunday.

The two stables have teamed up together and are literally running things eMzansi in as far as music is concerned. Year after year they produce a hit between themselves; they have got the

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Mock-up cover released


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