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Men and their drinks.

Before holding that drink in your hand, know what it says about your personality and social status. So before sipping that fruity flavored cider or Mojito know the impression you make.


The beer guy:

It’s a fact that men love their beer! But remember there’s a time and place for everything. Beer is for that chilled hanging out vibe- ipholas. That pool night namajita or a tshis’ nyama occasion. But imagine the impressions of a guy holding a beer at a black tie event; a no no!

The whiskey guy:

It is said that ‘real men drink whiskey’. Whiskey is a sophisticated drink, depending on its level of maturity (age), it symbolizes status. Established men take pride in their 18 year old, blended whiskey.

The cocnac guy:

This drink holds high class status. A cocnac guy is one who appreciates the finer things in life. He is layed back and is your jazz and gold type of man. Cocnac is a black event drink.

The wine guy:

Like sushi; wine has an acquiring taste, there’s good wine and there’s cheap wine. Wine is enjoyed by mature men. It is that quiet evening drink or better enjoyed with a succulent steak.  


                       Photo credit:  Eduardo @ flickr                                  Photo credit: Cambridge Brewing co @ flickr



By Bulelwa Pango

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