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Don’t crash & burn, be effective


The world is so fast, the pace which humans have adapted for their professional lives these days are frightening.

Sleep has become somewhat of a luxury as business decisions and networking take place 24/7 and thus the pressure to stay up till 3am ugacele that email or skype message. A bell or hooter does not prompt us the way a vibration or alert from our phones or pc’s literally gets our adrenalin pumping. It is all about being as current as possible and not missing a thing therefore our internet browsers are constantly busy.


So here is what we need to ask ourselves. ‘Am I really being productive by trying to be everywhere and stay up to date with everything in one breath?’

The truth is that trying to cram too much could lead to doing less and having incomplete goals or projects. It needs to be balanced which means that there are going to be times when you need to close your browser or take the risk to not read the email instantly, as this could cause a distraction.

 Focus on the goal at hand and be loyal to completing what you have started. Prioritise by clearly defining what is important for the here and now and remain grounded. All of the networking and information could flood the brain leading to a crash!

 Time is a limited resource and as humans, we need to pace ourselves, get enough sleep and ignore what could be a huge risk to our sanity and health.




By Martine Hendricks

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