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Focus on good health for 2013


The best you can be stems from being truly happy but this often does not last very long with the pressures of daily life.

Don’t be average as this usually means being overweight, lazy and much more vulnerable to ill health.


Temper tantrums 
Your fierce temper could cause heart disease, so tame that temper and fast as we know that men die from heart attacks more than any other illness. Umsindo ne stress pushes adrenaline up to its peak and at a quick pace. Blood clots form easily due to the rapid rise in adrenaline, constricting blood flow to the vital organs.


Flex your sex muscle 
Just like the other muscles in the body, this muscle too needs exercise in order to keep in good shape and health. Flexing the muscle (subtle masturbation) should be just as important as having sex, this is especially beneficial for premature ejaculation. Relax your abs and stroke gently to get the flow in order.


Up your testosterone levels 
Exercise is a natural testosterone booster, so get to the gym ugijimise igazi and get pumping!



Keep the pressure down 
Blood pressure plays a vital role in every function of the body and if elevated could be extremely dangerous.

Keep calm and avoid fights and arguments to the best of your ability. Stop speaking about the people who have wronged you e lewe-ni as releasing those thoughts of revenge will instantly balance your blood pressure.




By Martine Hendricks

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