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The shocking truth about caffeine


Do you sometimes drink coffee whenever you have headaches? Do you use it as an energy booster, stress reliever and to prevent sleep? If you do or unempintshi that does, then its time you knew iwaar about caffeine. Remember, you do not just get caffeine from coffee you can also get it from pills, energy drinks and various foods.


Dr Oz one of the most prominent doctors in the world stated that caffeine:


·         Gets your heart racing which can cause heart attacks and trouble breathing.
·         Can augment insomnia and cause increased anxiety and panic attacks.
·         Frequents urination which can be too much for the bladder especially when one holds the urine in the bladder for a long time.
·         Can cause jittery hands.
·         Fuels cravings for curbs.
·         May clog your arteries.

·         Contributes to problems with those prone to osteoporosis

·         Could make conception more difficult and cause underweight babies (so tell umabhebeza to slow down on it).





In one decaffeinated cup of coffee, there is 20 mg of caffeine which is not too harmful so try and drink these.

One regular cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine so you can have one or two cups of coffee a day and in most people this amount is not dangerous. More than 300mg is risky.

Two tablets of pain reliever contain as much as 2 cups of coffee.



By Ancillar Mangena

Photos: Elisa Fox @sxc (coffee)
            thatsmytur @sxc ( skull& beans)

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