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Jub Jub makes them cry


Jailed musician Jub Jub has been performing for the inmates and making grown men cry in the gaol.Jubby has not lost his voice even though he lost his freedom. These days he sings for the inmates he is kept with in Sun City.Amadoda amdala ebekhal ngekhathi uJubby was performing at their graduation ceremony. Authorities had their hands full consoling lamajita.

The ceremony was going all too well until Jubby took the microphone and delivered his gospel/rap hit song, Ndikhokele.

This is when abolova wailed like young children. The melody and soul in the song was enough even for those that are in the numbers gangs in prison.

This is the very same song that rejuvenated Jubby’s career a couple of years ago when it seemed it was going to the dogs. Everyone in Mzansi could be seen humming to this song, even atheists.

Apparently Jub jub has made prison work for him. He has adopted a positive attitude towards it. DJ Sbu even showed a picture of him in prison gear and he looked healthy as well. Mr Polela skaam op jou!

Kaloku umjita is doing time for killing school children in Protea Glen three years ago. He and his friend Themba tshabalala were drag racing… dumb yes.

The guys were handed 25 years kwesimnyama isilele. They are at the rough Sun City prison. Kuyafiwa ke lapho.

This is the same jail that deceased former TKZ Family member Dr Mageu spent some time in. unfortunately  Dr Mageu is no longer with us.

At the handing of the sentence some parents of the deceased boys were not happy. The case dragged on for full three years.

Jubby has shown that anyone one can turn a bad situation into good and is now paying his debt to society.

Good job Jubby!

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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